About AfrEco

Why AfrEco you may ask?

The agricultural industry has a serious need for alternative methods of farming. A baseline of how soil works, its maintenance and ecological role in the environment, is of vital importance to successful soil management.
AfrEco have designed a short online course (Bio1, Bio2 and Bio3) that is aimed at supplying the baseline information and implementation methods that is needed for sustainable soil profiles.

With a holistic understanding of soil and its needs, you will be able to:

  • Make conducive, cost effective purchases and applications,

  • Simplify soil chemical analysis and interventions,

  • Reduce analysis and fertilizer costs up to 70% and more,

  • Reduce consultation fees (without losing support),

  • Improve the quantity and quality of products,

  • Reduce breakout´s and pesticide usage,

  • Reduce herbicide applications,

  • Increase water retention,

  • Fight erosion and compaction,

  • Increase soil carbon levels (the source of life),

  • Repair your soil biology (earthworms, etc.), and your general soil fertility.

By combining our structured online support with tried and tested methods, sustainable soil profiles can be created and maintained. It is possible to convert to biological farming and its methods in 3 (successive) seasons.

We also supply:

  • tested, durable and low maintenance products,
  • verified products,
  • access to other beneficial products, and
  • general & specialized after-sales support.

By supplying non-bias information we can achieve our “Mission and Vision”, which is;

To Reactivate Soil Towards Sustainable Farming!


Feeding Our Future


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