About AfrEco

What is Afrecosoil.co.za

Founded in 2007. With our first pilot project started in 2008 at Sassenheim Estate.

What does afrecosoil.co.za do?

Afrecosoil aims to facilitate the transference and understanding of soil dynamics. AfrEcosoil have developed educational books that are aimed at supplying the baseline information and implementation methods that are needed for reactivating sustainable soil profiles.

With a holistic understanding of soil and its needs, you will be able to:

  1. Make conducive, cost-effective purchases and applications,
  2. Simplify soil chemical analysis and interventions,
  3. Reduce analysis and  synthetic fertilizer costs up to 35% and more,
  4. Reduce consultation fees (without losing support),
  5. Improve the quantity and quality of produce,
  6. Reduce breakouts and carcinogenic pesticide usage,
  7. Reduce carcinogenic herbicide applications,
  8. Increase water retention,
  9. Fight erosion and compaction,
  10. Increase soil carbon levels (the source of life),
  11. Repair your soil biology (earthworms, etc.),
  12. Soil fertility reaches a self-sustaining level in harmony with the plants. (reactivation)

It is possible to rehab back to biological farming and its methods in 3 (successive) seasons. Thereby reactivating the self-sustainable cycle. Produce will become stronger, better and bigger.

We supply:

  • Education in the form of ebooks.
  • We supply EM.
  • We supply Compost tea to our local market.
  • We supply 50l Brewing kits (DIY).
  • We supply a full range disease free “compost brew packs”.

By supplying non-bias tested information we can achieve our “Mission and Vision”, which is;


To Reactivate Soil Towards Sustainable Farming!
Feeding Our Future


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