Compost Tea Brewers @AnchenWoods

Compost Tea Brewers @AnchenWoods 1

#Anchenwoods Estate. An educational centre based on the foundation that soil is biology. Healthy soil means healthy crops and less chance of biological complications.  Outbreaks are small and contained as only weak plants are targeted. 

Fire Awareness

Compost Tea Brewers @AnchenWoods 2
Fire Awareness

#FireAwareness. Due to our location we have to be high on alert for fires.
Raging fires destroyed a big part of the surrounds about 2 years ago. 
(Fisanthoek fire unit.) Soil Rehabilitation

Compost Tea Brewers @AnchenWoods 3 is the knowledge base we implement based on principles of Dr Elaine Ingham. And more than 10 years in the local area. 
What does Afrecosoil offer?
(Get Compost Tea)
(Get Diverse Microorganisms)
(Get educated about soil) 
(Take a Soil Test)

Compost Tea Brewers @AnchenWoods 4

Digital Nomad Village.

Digital Nomad Village

#DNV DigitalNomadVillage is partnering with Afrecosoil to produce Key-turn Compost tea solutions for large farms. That is easy to implement and maintain. See the Digital Nomad Mission donation campaign objectives.
(see here-Coming soon).


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