General household use

General household use 1

Household Use
Why use Digestive Micro-Organisms in the

  • Drains 
  • Kitchen 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Pet areas 
  • House plants 

Why use DMO

When you are using nature’s diversity to help you clean, a lot of time and money can be saved. With odors, blockages and pests becoming less, the need for chemicals will also. By simply using DMO and involving nature to assist will help, create a sustainable environment. From top, to bottom. By removing all ‘old and smallorganic materials from…….. Table surfaces, pipes, floors & tiles, plants, pet’s bedding, black water and grey water, you will be using nature to help clean, where you are not able too! 

Drains Drains smell and clog, due to sediments from all the organic matter the goes through it, and then get stuck. By applying 100% DMO to your drains on a weekly basis will loosen and digest the obstacles and remove the odors. For any drain, a weekly application of 250ml per drain will limit any obstacles within the system, saving time, money and the problem of odors. 

Kitchen By using a clean/non-chemical spray bottle as a general cleaner, mixed with 40% DMO, will keep surfaces healthy, reducing flies and odors. A spray and a wipe is all that is required. 

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Bathroom The same application as with Kitchen’s can be used for bathrooms. 

Pet Areas The same application bottle used for Kitchens and Bathrooms can also be used for your pet areas. For more serious problems like flea or mites, a higher dilution(up to 80%) can be used. DMO is Life friendly and will do no harm to your pets. The organisms will just start cleaning the small spaces, removing all the food that pests need to survive. It will not work overnight but continuous applications will help solve it sustainably. 

House plants A once a week foliage and soil spray will make you plants shine. 

Just remember to top up the pot with food/compost. 


General household use 2

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