DMO – Diverse Micro-Organisms

Diverse Micro-organisms

Thank you for helping nature. With your purchase of DMO you are helping save nature. By not using hard chemicals that is breaking down the natural balance and diversity in soil.

You are here because of a problem or a question you may have in one of the following catagories. Through the knowledge of this page we will try at best to connect you with the information that you are looking for.

Why are you here?

I want to know how to use DMO for:

Soil health
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Plant health
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Septic Systems
DMO - Diverse Micro-Organisms 3
General household use
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What are Digestive Micro Organisms?

On the Anerobic scale( They don’t require oxygen to survive), There are a set of beneficial organisms that break down and digest organic matter.

Digestive Microorganisms promotes healthy soil with a balanced micro organism profile. Helps break down odor in Manure, Digest manure, Digest plant matter to compost and a host of other applications.

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