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Save your soil.

How sure are you, That your soil will carry your next crop? Take the last 5 years, Have your yield increased?. Or steadily decreased with every harvest

Get your Soil tested. Be the linchpin, Ushering in a new era of sustainable, organic, biological farming. Ensuring our future generations will have a proven model for longterm sustainable biological farming We have solid proof from implementation.. What is Soil Rehabilitation. Click Here

The Future of Farming

1.Soil: Is the most basic component within our food chain. It is the start and end of all life on earth. We have made agriculture an industry that has to fight for survival on a daily basis. By restoring the life and the capacity to maintain life within your soil, dramatic changes can be seen to…
Nutrients: Nutrients (PDF) Bio 1 Module 3 – Nutrients With a clear concept of how soil and plant’s function, Can their nutritional needs be approached, Seeing that with a healthy soil profile you will have a healthy plant, which only needs to be maintained. In a natural environment, there is no one that adds any…
Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base: Bio 1 – Free For all 4 always * The 4 pillars of healthy soil (Click Here) * Module 1 – Soil ( Click Here ) * Module 2 –  Plant Nutrition (Click Here) * Module 3 – Nutrients (Click here) * Soil Assesment check list ( Printable ) * Soil Submition after…
Soil, The 4 Pillars to healthy living soil.
Soil, The 4 Pillars to healthy living soil.
Soil Basics The absolute foundation for healthy soil. Understanding the 4 most basic pillars.That creates and sustains, healthy living soil. This knowledge, Will ensure that plants will have all the nutrients it needs. This knowledge, Will increase plant resilience to disease and pests. This knowledge, Will Teach you why Nh4 is so bad for your…
soil test checklist: The easy way to quickly assess your soil condition.
soil test checklist: The easy way to quickly assess your soil condition.
Download and print the soil test checklist Checking your soil  The first step in the right direction would be to get your soil tested.  This is a 2 step process.First.Soil Test Check List(PDF)Download the form in the link above then print and complete the pdf form. In the field. Then come back to the website.…

Decrease your farm input

Afrecosoil is dedicated to restoring and reactivating Dying Soil Through the proven process of re-introducing the natural soil micro-organisms, That keeps the soil healthy

Healthy soil, Makes for healthy and strong root systems, Stronger roots, Makes for stronger, healthier more resilient plants. Isn't it about time, You start saving your soil?. Click Here for a Soil Test

Increase your yield.

Over the Last 5 years Afrecosoil proved beyond a doubt that saving soil from petrochemical fertiliser overload is possible. Increasing yields and reducing input costs is possible. We have done it.

Through meticulous documenting of every single step that was taken. We have assembled a unshakable foundation in the quest for Soil Re Activation.. Click Here to see our products