Biological Farming Knowledge Base

Biological Farming Knowledge Base 1

The information on “Biological Farming” branches from the government accepted concept called “Perma-culture” (Permanent Agriculture). It is a lot of information, and many have drowned in it, but the theory is sound. As you will notice is that each category (Nurseries, Lawns/Turf, Private Gardens, etc.) has its own application and implementation needs. Therefore many aspects would be the same between them especially in Course 1, considering that they are aimed at the same goals.

We have found that the biggest obstacle is the implementation of this knowledge and with our structured implementation plan you will be able to gain most benefits quite simply. With the time and money saved, you will have the space you need to start your journey to soil sustainability.

Many components used have been available in the industry for a long time, but it is our holistic view that makes those methods/components work optimally. The road to self sustainability can be quite fast (3 seasons). Once the theory of soil, plants and nutrition is understood, informed decisions can be made a lot simpler and constructively. We have designed a three phase process for Biological Farming that covers the process from start to finish namely;

“Bio 1” – To understand (It is difficult to adjust if there is no holistic view of how it works) Click here for the summery(pdf)
1. Soil 
2. Plants 
3. Nutrition
4. Knowledgebase
5. The four pillars
6. Take a soil test

“Bio 2” – Methods and application (Successful application is the key to sustain)

1. Equipment
2. Methods
3. Implementation
4. Nutrition

“Bio 3” – To maintain and sustain (To maintain and sustain a person needs to understand)

1. Composting
2. Fertilizer Program
3. Micro-Organisms
4. CA/MG Ratio
5. Soil Profile Assesment

This web page is designed to be a network where anybody can access the relevant information that they require to re-activate their soils. Seeing that most situations are quite unique, we would like you to register, free of charge, where we can give you the broad overview of our education and implementation strategy. To be able to assist you in achieving healthy soils as efficiently as possible, our subscription area supplies all the information on Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3 in a structured education plan. A one-year online assistance is also available to our subscribers. On request

1. Start with a printed soil test. 

2.Then use the information to complete the online form. 

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