Diluting Diverse Microorganisms “DMO”

For Plant Health

Diluting Diverse Microorganisms "DMO" 1

General plant health
Each symptom that you experience, is based on an origin/source. Symptomatic treatments never look for the origins of the problem! For example: How do you know the difference between your plant having a disease, or a nutrient problem? Because this should affect your method of treatment, right?

DMO as a Supplement for better plant health
A 5% – 10% dilution with most watering’s will, keep you biology intact, considering that your soil is not chemically contaminated and organisms like earthworms are present. If your soil is contaminated, a 15% – 20% dilution for 3 months (with every watering) will help stabilize the in-balances in your soil, and then the normal rates would apply.

Plant Deficiency
To resolve this, the focal points are the roots/soil, and the plant’s leafs. A dilution of 15% on both the leafs, and the soil, weekly, should resolve the problem. A 50% dilution rate on the roots can be used.

Plant Disease & Pests
For general problems, like a garden aphids, scale, phytophtora, pythium, etc. A 80% – 100% dilution with a spray bottle on the affected area will halt/reduce any breakout. A spray every 2 days will use the principals of competition, inhibition and predation to achieve a healthy plant again. What remains important is that diseases are based, on a weakened immune system!

1 litre of activated DMO concentrate makes 100 litres of DMO.  The 100 litres can be diluted further in the following manner for other applications

  • Use on houseplants plants 1:1000-2000 (no foliar application)
  • Use on shrubs and trees 1:400 (no foliar application)
  • Use for composting ( Directly )
  • Use for household disinfecting  ( Directly )
  • Use for fly control ( Directly )
  • Use for soil rehabilitation ( Directly )
  • Hydroponics 1:10 000 add solution to the system along with nutrients

1.Consisting of -Phototrophic bacteria
2.Lactic acid bacteria

This combination co-exists and can produce DMO

  • We produce through a natural fermentation process
  • It’s a liquid concentrate
  • Produced from cultivations of over 80 varieties of microorganisms
  • Digest organic matter and harmful  gasses from organic secretions
  • Increases the population of native beneficial bacteria
  • Lactic acid is a strong sterilizing compound that suppresses harmful microorganisms and speeds up the decomposition of resistant materials
  • Removes undesirable effects of decompositions

Is DMO Toxic or Synthetic? 

  • No. DMO is a combination of certain naturally occurring, beneficial, Aerobic and anaerobic, nontoxic and non-pathogenic microorganisms.
  • The microorganisms were discovered and they are not genetically engineered or altered.
  • Microorganisms in DMO is safe to digest, All microbes for the production of DMO are NOT harmful to the soil, air, groundwater, land, animals or humans.
  • lactobacilli and photosynthetic bacteria are important components of the formula these anaerobic microbes have been recognized as effective disease controlling microbes.
  • DMO is alive containing active microbes found in all ecosystems

DMO establishes equilibrium in soil profiles. the mixture of physiologically and ecologically compatible soil microorganisms improves and maintains the chemical and physical properties of soils. Therefore. shifting the microbial equilibrium of a and controlling it to help the growth, yield and health of plants.

What can DMO do?

  • Helps to produce healthy crops with consistently higher yields.
  • Raise animals without using antibiotics and reduce the smell.
  • Helps to recycle kitchen waste.
  • Reduce sludge in Rivers, Reduce smell and fish returns
  • Help cultivate fish and shrimps with no antibiotics, Muddy smells or disease
Diluting Diverse Microorganisms "DMO" 2

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