Soil reactivation

What is Soil-re-activation?

When farmlands have suffered from decades of harsh chemical farming, Most if not all the soil biology has been killed off. The soil in effect has been deactivated, 

Re-Activating soil is the process, of re-introducing a balanced healthy soil biology profile. Up to the point where the soil becomes a sustaining biome the supports healthy strong reselient plant growth.

Take care of your soil, and the soil will grow the plants. 

(case study)

We aim to complete the series as time permits and as demand for this information grows.

Bio 1.
Module 1 – Soil
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Soil reactivation 1

Bio 1.
Module 2 – Plant Nutrition V1
Soil reactivation 2

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Bio 1.
Module 3 – Nutrients V1

Soil reactivation 3

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