Septic Systems

Septic Systems 1

Septic tank Treatments
The main aspects are;
* Background
* General Use
* Septic systems
* Spills

Septic systems are a living digestive system. With the usage of chemical drain cleaners the micro biology that breaks matter down has been removed/killed. A septic system that has a strong odour is an indication that there is too much matter and too little, or no organisms that can digest it. By using DMO, the digestive system can be jump started back to life, and kept alive. The reducing of chemical drain cleaners will help keeping the system alive!

General Use
By applying 250ml per drain and toilet on a weekly basis will keep the system clean and odour-less from top to bottom. With a weekly application the systems health will remain optimum and also reduce/limit any blockages.

Septic Systems
If you have access to your septic system, 5 Litres(min) per 1000 litre tank is recommended monthly. This will limit any sedimentation in your system, also limiting any blockages. If you do not have access to your septic system, you can use 500ml per drain per week.

By using a spray pack and 100% DMO, spraying for the first few days followed by frequent inspection and applications. Will result in the nature’s capacity to bring plants back, which can digest the in-balance of the spill. Chemical spills will just take a bit longer due to what it is made of.

Septic Systems 2

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