Compost Tea Orders

Compost Tea Brewed to Order


You book. We brew, you collect.
Compost tea is sold in liquid form Min 800 Litre. That will cover 6 ha.
We brew for you, and you may collect within 4 days.
DAY 1. Pay for order.
DAY 2. Brew is started
DAY 3. Brew is Completed
DAY 4. Collect or We deliver.

If you bring 1000 Liter water when you collect. You will receive a discount.
If you buy regularly you will receive a discount.
if you Buy 1600 Liter you will receive a discount

If you do a seasonal buy I.E Upfront payment for the grow season.
Your order will be ready once a week for every week pre booked.

Whatsapp Jacques to book a brew



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