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Cape TownIzak072 822 8346
RustenburgJethro084 644 0539
Garden RouteDerek Saul073 442 3464
Garden RouteColm071 291 5541
BloemfonteinHein072 511 5611
Port ElizabethGrant082 079 2185
North KZNNik083 533 6707
MidrandNicolette082 909 3322
Garden RouteDereck Robert072 607 3176
Kempton ParkMark084 506 6259
TranskeiLouis083 268 5611

DMO Diverse Micro-organisms

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On the Anerobic scale( They don’t require oxygen to survive), There are a set of beneficial organisms that break down and digest organic matter, The soil turns into an active colony of organisms that break down organic matter and prevents odours. Taking on the role of digesters.

This is the most environmentally friendly way. Harsh chemicals may solve the problem short term. However, the chemicals burn away micro-biodiversity and create a state of dependency on chemicals.

Using effective microorganisms creates a sustainable digesting cycle in the soil.

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