Your Soil

Soil is the most basic component within our food chain. It is the start and end of all life on earth. We have made agriculture an industry that has to fight for survival on a daily basis. By restoring the life and the capacity to maintain life within your soil, dramatic changes can be seen to your current costs and production. With a holistic understanding of soil and how it works can the cause of a problem be addressed and not just the symptoms. Soil can be assessed on a visual basis and we have made a Soil Assessment checklist available to assist you.

Soil Assessment Checklist

In Bio1 to Bio 3 we aim to give the basic guidelines that are needed to understand, adjust and sustain soil.

To summarize Biological farming and its requirements;     Bio 1 to 3

(The Mindmap starts on top, anti clockwise. Zooming in makes it simpler)


The components which are important to soil (Bio 1) are;

  • How Soil works,
  • How plants work and
  • Nutrition.

View Bio 1(Pdf docs.)

                      Soil     ,                Plants               &            Nutrition   


How to adjust and apply are in Bio 2,

  • Equipment,
  • Methods,
  • Implementation,
  • Nutrition and 
  • Assessment.

Bio 2(Pdf doc still being edited.)

               Equipment    ,     Methods   ,      Implementation  ,       Nutrition      &        Assessment



And how to maintain and sustain!! (Bio 3)

  • Composting,
  • Fertilization program,
  • Micro-organisms,
  • Ca/Mg ratio,
  • Soil profile assessment.

Bio 3(Pdf doc still being edited.)



Our Bio’s are based on the “Outcomes Based Education” principal, and will empower you to a holistic views and conducive choices.

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