Soil basics Book (The easy to follow guide)

This soil basics book will give you the power to finally understand the devastation chemical farming cause to your soil.

Chemicals do have a place in farming. But the fact is; most farming practices that utilize chemicals have no knowledge of biology in the soil or what role biology has to play in the soil. Long term chemical abuse annihilates soil biology and creates a chemical dependence that becomes a downward spiral as more and more chemicals are needed to produce the same yield and ultimately leaving the soil completely lifeless and barren in the end. Soil re-activation and rehabilitation may take 3 to 6 growth cycles, depending on the extent of the chemicals used.  

Soil Basics book biological farming

AfrEco a connection to the “Biological Farming Network” aims to empower you by showing you how to reactivate, Your soil which is your livelihood.

To help you start your journey to self-sustainable conditions, we will combine various factors that will ultimately create fertile soil that will yield consistent larger and healthier crops.


Download the free soil basics book from the link below.

What is Soil Re-Activation. Click Here

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